About James Denny

jimdennyI am James Denny. I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan where I graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design with a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising Design.

I moved with my family to Florida where I worked for Nutmeg Mills in a transfer in the company when Vanity Fair bought Nutmeg Mills and Cutler Sports Apparel and merged the two companies. This was a major bonus for my wife and I at the time because we were wanting to move to Florida. Just before the offer to move, we almost gave up on the dream and were thinking we would have to stay in Michigan.

My dream was to work with Disney in Orlando and I was getting close but the department I wanted to work in pulled out of Florida and led me to the next dream... James Denny Freelance Design!

I started the business working for a company that did WWII tours to Normandy, France and t-shirt designs for local companies. The big break came when New World Graphics hired me on as a contractor where I worked from my studio. I was able to leave a small graphic design business I was working for at the time that was failing and got out just in time. Soon after I met the owner of Sun Fiberglass Pools and have worked for them for over 10 years now. I have a great working relationship with him and continue to work with them after their move to Kentucky.

I eventually taught myself html, php, javascript, Flash (action script), css and more to keep up with graphic/web design. My self-education continues as the market continues to change constantly.

I met new clients along the way and some great people to work with wether in their own businesses or for advertising agencies or corporations. One of the most interesting experiences was working with the Omaha Beach Golf Club in Normandy, France for a year. Eventually we agreed that the language barrier was a little challenging and I let them have their files and they found a company to work with.

A really exciting experience has happened about 2 years ago where I was contacted by a previous client to work with them again laying out the publications for the AMA's, The Daytime Emmy's and the Billboard Music Awards as well as other projects in publications, website design, advertising and in-house needs.

I love what I do and get up every day looking forward to the many different projects I get to work on. I am anxious to meet new clients and work with them to create their next project.